Month: May 2022

Reduce Cycle Counts

Software Enforcement of Procedures

Whether your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is paper-based or a partially-implemented software system, you can waste a lot in Supervisor-level salaries performing constant cycle counts on your raw material coil inventory.  This is normal for most companies because they lack an automated, systematized process for capturing coil inventory data as coils are loaded onto machines.

Everyone wants to say, “My guys are really diligent about writing down their coils.”  Those same people have production paperwork showing coils that are 60,000′ long!  Those are some impressive coils. Continue reading “Reduce Cycle Counts”

Re-implement Your Eclipse MES to Stave Off Economic Downturn

Eclipse Manufacturing Execution Software

It’s possible a tough recession is just around the corner.  As a roll forming manufacturer, you’re thinking about ways to avoid the pain.  If you’re an Eclipse user, you can help your company by finally doing a full implementation of a system that allows you to improve capacity and margins without a lot of up-front costs.  In fact, you’ve already paid the biggest cost when you bought the software. Continue reading “Re-implement Your Eclipse MES to Stave Off Economic Downturn”