Month: February 2022

Downtime – The More Expensive Scrap


If you are a big manufacturer with a dominant place in the market – if you have hundreds of production lines – and if you have more capacity than you know what to do with, then this article isn’t for you.  You can afford to be wasteful and sloppy.  Improving margins might not be on your radar.

But if you are a small and scrappy manufacturer who’s looking for every edge you can get – keep reading… Continue reading “Downtime – The More Expensive Scrap”

Length Variance and Encoder Tracking

Encoder Assembly Out of Parallel with Material

When someone has a problem with length variance in roll forming applications, the prognosis is almost always encoder tracking.  If you look at length control from the perspective of the computer that controls the process it’s the brains of the machine.  It’s telling the roll former when to go and stop, and it’s telling the shear and punch when to fire.  The encoder and wheel are the eyes and ears of the brain.  Everything the computer knows – distance, speed, direction – all come from a very small contact point between the material and the encoder wheel. Continue reading “Length Variance and Encoder Tracking”