Month: March 2018

Length Control

There are three primary methods of controlling length on a roll former – gauge bars, positive stop, and encoders.  The first two methods are completely mechanical, with the last being electro-mechanical.

Length Control Methods

  • Mechanical
    • Length Gauge Bar
    • Positive Stop
  • Electro-mechanical
    • Encoder

Length Gauge Bars and Positive Stops

Gauge bars and positive stops have been around since the start of flying die applications.  They are probably the oldest method of length control for roll forming applications, but they’re still in use today.  That’s because they typically offer the best accuracy and consistency for the lowest cost.

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I’m Back!

After a long absence, the website is back.  I’ve changed jobs a couple of times in the last few years, and my hosting company sold out to another company.  It took months for them to move everything over to the new company, and in the end they lost my database.  Shame on me for not keeping an up-to-date backup.  Yet, here we are.

Most of what was on the site was a version of a whitepage I’d written for some function or another, so it won’t take long to recover most of the material.  In reality, most of my traffic is from people looking for the correct methods to calculate things like encoder resolution, but I’m glad to provide a useful service, no matter how small.

If you’re in the industry, have an interest in things “roll forming”, and are looking to learn a few things about the process then bookmark the page and check back from time-to-time.