Daytona 50th Anniversary with four million dollar PP - Christie's Geneva Autumn Announcement

November 11, when China's Cow silk shopping on the network, "Singles", a record sales of more than 300 million when the European and American local tyrants in Geneva to participate in two auctions held by Christie's important watches auction - "Rolex Di The 50th anniversary of "the first lesson," 50 of the world's most famous chronograph ", and" important timepieces. " Respectively, a record 12 million and 28 million Swiss francs of the total amount of the auction, a total of about equivalent to 260 million yuan. Due to the screw-in chronograph button design, Daytona has been favored by buyers of time-table buyers, and the second batch of the 1980s with real self-winding chronograph movement Rolex launch, due to the time of supply Rhythm has been relatively slow, resulting in a line up to buy the situation. It is also from that time began in 1963, began to manufacture the first batch of manual winding movement Daytona gradually become a collection of "phenomenal" darling. In the first by the global co-president of Christie's, replica watches uk expert Aurel Bacs advocated the "Daytona 50 anniversary" auction, 50 classic Daytona watch all the shoot. And the audience is a winner in 1969 made 6263/6239, preview of 400,000 Swiss francs of this watch "King" competition is very intense, and finally to 989,000 Swiss francs hammer deal, more than in May this year Antiqu Paul Newman (see above) set a new record for the Daytona watch. This early black-ring black-ring steel section, allegedly only 12 survived. This rare degree and the maintenance of this table, it is no wonder that collectors are so crazy for her. 50 classic Daytona auction, the transaction price of more than one million yuan to 34, the vast majority of the 1960s and 1970s are the first four-digit model number products. The other 16 more than five-digit number of the second batch of Daytona products, but most of the transaction price also in 30-50 million yuan, the lowest price in 1989, a manufacturing 16523 to 5 million Swiss francs ( About 330,000 yuan) transactions, for the 18K gold material. The successor of 16523, the contemporary in the sale of rolex replica 116523 (the third batch of Daytona using Rolex independent movement, are six-digit product number, product library link) the current mainland stores offer in 12 million. While the two generations of products is basically not much difference. Of course, these two generations of products in the production and the rare degree of comparability is not high, but this new table 10 million early, more than 30 million status of the old table, than some brands of second-hand table only new table price is One of the "upside down" state to make buyers more at ease some. The second "important timepiece" is Christie's Geneva autumn season traditional retention project. The 10-hour auction "Marathon" a total of 325 items on display, only two low-cost watch the flow of the film. The audience turnover also set a watch auction will be the highest single-game record. The highlights of the autumn auction in Geneva is still the world watch auction industry will never change the "leader" - Patek Philippe. A total of four antique PP table for more than 1 million US dollars of the transaction price. All the top ten list of all the auction price of more than 500,000 US dollars in transactions, including seven Patek Philippe, three Rolex. The following chart shows the field of "watch king" - 1.99 million Swiss francs ($ 2.16 million) of Patek Philippe 18K rose gold calendar, time, the moon complex function watch. Its product model is 2499. In 1985, this 2499 discontinued, facelift for the 3970, and later changed to 5270 now in the sale, but are changed to Platinum Edition 5270G (product link), and then difficult to see rose gold Material of the spot. This 2499, according to Patek Philippe manufacturers historical data, movement produced in 1951, completed in 1957 into the table, completed in 1960 sales. Documents and table boxes taste, maintenance in good condition. In the pursuit of antique PP's top collectors circle, 2499 in terms of artistic, process complexity, wearable are the pinnacle of Patek Philippe. This 2499 for the second batch of products, dial speed meter circle for the peerless, later on the PP chronograph rarely seen, and all the enamel process from firing, very much highlight the brand's sincerity and strength. In the 2499 series produced 35 years, Patek Philippe produced a total of only 349, of which rose gold material is more scarce (mostly gold), while the auction house experts found that 2499 since the sale of the rose gold case in 1960 Never to be polished again, so keep the ear of the factory on the table satin treatment, which also further increases the value of her collection. The other three million-dollar Patek Philippe auctions are another 2499, a 2499-generation 1518, and a 1947 dual-chronograph 1563. Another 2499 is relatively more common gold material, so the price hammer in the $ 1 million, only half of the price table Wang. The following figure of the previous generation of this 2499 1519 (produced in 1941 -1954 discontinued, the cumulative 281), due to the silver dial with a certain color difference caused by the collector of some differences, but also failed to shoot the normal higher prices, and In the $ 1 million hammer. Dual-chronograph watch 1563 rare than the above 2499 and 1518 are much higher, allegedly only three, only one of the American jazz representative Duke Ellington (1899-1974), his 1563 In 2002, after an intense competition for the auction was Patek Philippe brand to buy back, is currently stored in the Geneva Patek Philippe Museum for visitors to pay their last respects. Although extremely rare, the table of the complexity of the process and the impact of artistic form to be slightly weaker, so the price has also been in the Patek Philippe antique table on the middle position. Christie's fall in the field of this shot in 1563, the final hammer in about 1.5 million US dollars. The 1947 manufacturing, sold in 1950, 1563 model, appeared in 1990 at the auction, this time is the realization of the buyer's shipments that may be the next decade will be in the autumn auction New buyers in the hands of further appreciation and inheritance can not reproduce the world. This 1563, the use of gold material, and the other two surviving watches different is the use of the Breguet-type digital time scale and be luminous coating, more to enhance her uniqueness. In addition to the four million dollar level, in the collection auction industry has a very big influence on the Patek Philippe antique table, this field of Christie's autumn auction of other replica watches auction can also be described as lingering, interested friends may wish to our favorite auction Forum further exchange feelings and experiences.